The meek shall inherit the earth

meek mill

Robert Rihmeek Williams aka Meek Mill is like many rappers, arrogant, loud, mad sound and fury, yet he signifies something to many just like anyone’s favorite rapper. As he likes to mention and remind people he actually came from the bottom and for those people, especially the youth in Philly, he is seen as someone who fought against the odds and made it. Included in that proverbial “bottom” are all types of trauma which partially may explain his “twitter fingers”, lackluster diss responses, and inappropriate behavior sometimes in the face of sentencing. Yet I digress.

I fucks with Meek.  Born in May makes him and me solar sun mates. I know a little something about that Taurus fire and whether you believe in astrology or not, it believes in you (shout out to RaAhku, EverReese, Kirsten Littles, and Kalik KaZodiak of the FB Cozmophyzix crew).

He comes from poverty. Wikipedia tells tales of his mother stealing from supermarkets items to resell. He ran with a crew of hungry “bulls” called the “bloodhoundz” and eventually getting the attention of industry taste makers and a little help from the rapper T.I. Before he could be great though, he did get a beat down from the police to solidify further his “rap realness” card, it’s like getting shot or having multiple women, it adds to a rappers aura. I’m joking yet not totally and those in the culture know what I mean.

And contrary to what you may see on FB and IG so do the streets, many of “the people” fuck with Meek.

Meek is brave, he says what others think yet are too politically correct or afraid to say. People thought Drake was a fraud from the jump, yet they respected his “alleged” word play. Alleged now because we really do not know what is Drake’s style vs. Quentin Millers style. Still people will forget everything if you give them enough time and glittery things to distract them with. So while many Hip Hop purists questioned Drake’s background and intention we let it slide because Hip Hop is inclusive, even more so now than ever, and we welcome diversity on some level. On some level. Greater than our inclusivity is our desire to keep it real, keep it 100 and we honor that more than anything. Even when it goes wrong. Many still wonder who is the “real Drake”?

It’s complicated and in Hip Hop we are working out things even the nation has yet to figure out.

Does one drop make you Black?

Do we hold “white” or mixed race artists to another standard of activism so to speak that we don’t hold say our Chief Keefs?

If you talk tough and yet you are soft as a wet tissue (let another man pee on you) does it matter if the beat knocks and you’re cute (or better yet light skin-Black folks will excuse anything a light skin black does)?

Part jest part real talk. These are some of the questions that I wanna know the answers to, Meek had a few he asked Drake and although the track was a bit tepid for a diss response, the alleged “truths” revealed in the song still need answering.

That “beef” ended because people grow weary, other things take precedence and the artists get the attention they wanted and the world still spins on its axis.

Fast forward to this past week, “twitter fingers” as Meek is sometimes referred to released a diss track aimed at 50 cent. The first ever professional hip hop social network bully.



50 cent is another artist that like Meek that really came from the bottom, complete with all the trauma coming from the bottom entails. Curtis Jackson came on the Hip Hop scene, trauma exposed, trauma leading the discussion. First it was the song “how to rob a rapper” then it was the 9 bullets he survived. Hip Hop legend ish right there, getting shot and surviving, straight Stagolee, Dolemite type energy that we love and eat up in the Black community. We further got to know how jacked up fiddy (lol-that sounds so stupid) was when we learned his story in “Get rich or die trying”. Issues with mothers damage sons more so than the Black community has yet to deal with. We constantly discuss absentee dads and their impact on young ladies, yet we don’t do the knowledge on how absentee or abusive mothers damage our men.

50cent is hella damaged and you see it in his eyes, his torn relationship with his son, his steady string of beefs with rappers who he should seemingly be aligned with. Again you see it in his eyes, the glint, the glimmer and the sparkle (for those that do not know you can see crazy in a person’s eyes). So much so for years no one wanted to go at 50 because they saw this man’s crazy, respected his money and power and decided to stick their heads in the sand (ostrich style).

Well it’s a new old day. I say new old, because contrary to popular belief about 50’s ability to end careers, he never responded to Jay-Z, Raekwon and Ghostface, and the reality is the Gotti brothers and the Supreme team folks had 50 under pressure so much so he went to the police, not the streets.

And now Meek is calling him on. Now Meek is reminding folks, that this cat is a problem. When I say a problem I don’t mean a scary ninja from the streets we have to be afraid of for that reason. Noooo I mean a problem in that he is contrary to Hip Hop’s progression. He represents a tortured past that we are hopefully trying to move on from. If we talking about using Hip Hop to teach the babies, talking about building bridges, making a greater impact on the world, healing ourselves, our babies, ladies and gentleman than dudes like 50 cent got to go. They are the shiny happy coons at the door, giving out money and yet not living righteously. Inciting problems with no intention of building a bridge with those that look like him, no intention of helping children avoid the pitfalls he did. Meek is out here giving hope and 50 is hawking liquor (I know so is Nas, Jeezy and Diddy-we’ll get to them soon enough).

It’s a new/old day. Remember that movie Drop Squad?

Folks got to get dropped, rehabilitated, taught by scholars with integrity, put back on their deens for we all be on our knees praying.

I effs with the young bull because the young men in the streets are closer to Meek than they are 50. They are not rich like 50 and they are not working out and eating as good as he. Additionally I don’t want them to be like 50.  Meek has pictures with his son, 50 actively beefs with his son and the mother. Actively. In public. On Instagram. I can’t condone that. Meek is by no means perfect, yet 50 is so ragingly crazy it is scary. Scary that people don’t notice, or care, and are bamboozled so much so by his money.

Back in the day when the beef with 50 and Ja-Rule was getting out of hand, according to street legend there was an attempt to have Farrakhan come and intervene. Word has it 50 refused. If this is true we have to be mindful of folks that don’t want peace. Where do they stay in our community? Who are they to us? What are we to them? As I said already in another log….Black Lives Matter…just not as much as Black Beef. Well its time we change our diet.

Peace and love from Soulforce worker #1 Lola Fulani aka Whatever Lola wants….



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