Before I Had It I Closed My Eyes And Imagined the Good Life

kanye for president


Before I had it I closed my eyes and imagined the Good Life.

What you focus on increases.  So then why would I focus on what is in opposition to my own desires?

Like we always do at this time, I go for mine, I got to shine. I mean really, that’s it. We always do this; we go for ours and shine regardless. Even in the midst of our consummate darkness, our post and current traumatic situations, my sistars shine, my brothers roll hard for the people, and the babies sparkle.

Kanye demonstrates for his listeners in this song and others, his powers of visualization and manifestation. This happy feeling party song “Good Life” welcomes us, beckons us to the good life, taking us along the ride with Ye, to Houston, Philly, DC, and the Bay.  MJ had not passed away yet in 2007 when the song came out and so the Pretty Young Thing sample although appreciated then became and becomes even more poignant in the years since MJ’s passing.   This song was a hit single off Kanye’s seminal album Graduation. He had really graduated at that time in the perception of listeners and the industry taste makers, from Late Registration (Gucci backpacker) to College Dropout (beginning to ball on a budget and make a name for his self) to Graduation (world renown respected as both rapper and producer), to his present incarnation, ego driven, happy daddy, potential Presidential candidate (Yeezus in 2020 Bruh!)

kanye young

Kanye West has manifested a different life than most without a doubt.  Although he did not grow up impoverished like many of the popular rappers (Jay Z, Nas, and Eminem) he did grow up in Chicago and no one grows up in Chicago without suffering from some of the trauma that is life in Chi-Raq.   He did not grow up with his father in his house, and yet there he is holding North; being present with his daughter. He was pushing his mother’s Volvo around Chi-town, now he can fly wherever he chooses.  He can fly I said. The man broke his jaw and still managed to spit his debut album literally through the wires. That’s a mighty child there Mrs. Donda (RIP). There are legendary stories about Kanye locking himself in his momma’s basement for a summer banging out tracks and then going to studios and just hanging out, playing his music, knowing that he was destined for greatness, if only he knew and believed it.

kanye titan times

He reminds some of us and instructs most of us that we must imagine what it is we want.  We have to visualize with high definition realism life and actuality (shout out AZ) so that it can be made manifest in this realm.

Meditating is not something I consciously do often. I still have what yogini type folk refer to as a “monkey mind”, meaning I am often thinking of things constantly in a cluttered, restless, chaotic fashion and unable to still my thoughts.  I began doing vision boards only last year and I cannot say I consistently look at them either. However I do know that certain things off of my vision board from last year came true, I had a picture of a truck (I got a truck that looks almost exactly like the truck), I had pictures of Jay Z and Kanye in concert (I managed to see Kanye twice and even got free nosebleed tickets to the On The Run tour). Now it could be nothing more than coincidence, or it could be something to that visualization.

let that shit go

And really, what is wrong with visualizing the things we want to see in our life? Some scholars, philosophers, spiritual teachers etc., believe if you desire it, then it is for you to get and you just have to figure out the path to get you there.  I have a friend, we call her the Black yogini; she does yoga, quotes Michael Bernard Beckwith and always has an affirmation or good ear for her friends. She put the crew on a few years ago to Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks, and the aforementioned MBB and they all say, in much longer videos, the same things Kanye says in the Good Life.

Why would I focus in opposition to my own desires?

Yeah why would I focus on that shit I do not desire or want to experience in any way shape or form in contrast to all that I do want to experience? I swear it seems we all have lost our natural minds at times, on this hamster wheel we call life.

Well I’ve been thinking money Lola and I’m still broke! Whatsupwiththat???!!! First thinking about and obsessing over money isn’t the same as visualizing you having it in your possession. Many of us think about material goods, or favors and blessings coming our way yet we do not think we are worthy of them, or in the back of our mind we do not really believe we will even get them. The moment we believe we are unworthy or not able to get the blessing, it’s like it goes away. So let us all, close our eyes daily, moment to moment, if need be and imagine the good life; the best lives that we wish to live and affirm. What are we focusing on? What is the intention in the focus? Are they aligned? Meaning, are we focusing on that which we want to see more of? What you focus on increases, or so they say. So my charge to us via a line from Kanye West is to begin to focus our attention on the greatness we want to see in ourselves and in the world. Guess what, it may not come when you want it, however like the old folks say, it will come in time…if you believe it will.

Better than the life I live when I thought that I was gonna go crazyyyyy!!!!! And now my grand mama ain’t the only calling me baby. If you feel me now put your hands up in the sky, let me hear you say…..IM GOOD.

Michael Bernard Beckwith Agape: Life Visioning Process

Peace from Soulforce Worker #1 Lola Fulani





2 thoughts on “Before I Had It I Closed My Eyes And Imagined the Good Life

  1. This is a very powerful entry! Thank you for putting the time and bringing this concept to light. I am also enamoured by the fact that you utilized a rapper that folk have strong viewpoints on to make these wonderful points.


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